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How to manage creators

How to manage creators

How to manage creators

Am I able to filter my influencers? Can I decline them? How do I know when I’ve booked people?

Once a gift is active, it will start gaining swipes from creators according to your set targets.

In your brand profile, you will be able to check your creators in your ongoing collab under the Active Gifts section. You can also chat to creators using the messaging option within the platform!

Here you will find:

  • New — Here will land creators who are interested to do the collaboration with you! You are given the option to either Shortlist, Select or Decline creators. Shortlisting or Declining from this tab won’t notify the creator.
  • Shortlist — Creators/Influencers you think are a fit to your gift/brand.
  • Selected — Booked creators! These are the chosen people you’re officially working with on your collaboration. Creators under Selected are notified that they are selected for the gift.
  • Declined — Declined influencers from Selected are notified that they are declined from the collaboration.

Because of the messaging option within #gifted, you are also able to exchange files, images and videos through the messaging app.

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