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How much does it cost to use #gifted?

We’ve got great affordable plans for all company sizes. You can see the subscriptions at

Can I gift as many people as I want?

You sure can! There’s no limit to the number of people you can gift on any collaboration campaign.

Do I own all the content that an influencer shares about our brand?

You can repost the image on your own social media channel as long as the influencer is credit. If you want to boost the post, or use it for any other online advertising or traditional marketing (flyers, posters, etc) you can licence the images straight through our platform. Easy!

Can I use it to get written reviews on our website or amazon?

You absolutely can! Building up positive reviews of your product or service is a fantastic way to use #gifted.

Do they need to disclose that the product is gifted?

We always recommend using #gifted on any social media post related to a product or service that has been provided to an influencer for review. It’s always best to check the requirements in your country regarding disclosure for advertising.

What countries do you operate in?

#gifted is designed to be used world over.

Can you guarantee that the person will do a post or review for gifting only?

The great thing about #gifted is instead of you sliding into someones DM’s and then hoping for the best, influencers in #gifted apply for your gifts, so you know the genuinely like what you have to offer! All influencers in #gifted receive reviews for the campaigns they collaborate on, and if they receive 3 low star ratings they’re no longer allowed in our community.

Do I get to choose who I gift?

You sure do! You’ll be able to see all the influencers who are interested, view their profiles, their past reviews from brands, engagement rate, content, and so much more. They’ll even write you an application message as to why they want to be gifted! Then you pick the people who best align with your campaign goal.

How will I know who’s posted or done a review?

We make that super simple by showing the content on the ‘Content’ tab of your gifting offer. Never miss a post again, or do that #awkward chase up and then realise they’ve already shared!

Do I get to keep the product after I help the brand?

You sure do! That’s all yours for doing your authentic review! :) Enjoy!

What happens if a brand cancels the gift but I have already received it?

You get to keep the gift, it's all yours! 

My item never arrived? What now?

Please let the brand know so they can track it down for you. If you have problems contacting the brand, please contact

What should you write in your pitch to a brand?

To catch the eye of a brand, make sure you write a great proposal. Let the brand know exactly what it is you can offer in exchange for the product or service listed. Keep your message to 3-4 sentences, max. Make it quick and easy for them to see why you’re the right person to collab with, without having to read lengthy details to get to know why. And don't forget to tell them why you & your audience is a good match for their brand!

What can brands use my content/reviews for?

Brands can organically repost your content on their social media as long as they credit you. They must not use your content for any paid advertising, website, newsletter etc without licensing the content and making payment to you. Please contact us if you need assistance.

How do I change the gifting opportunities I see?

We match you with gifts based on your profile, including things like age, gender, interests, areas of expertise, and much more! Please let us know if you see an offer that really doesn't match you, so we can use your feedback to improve our algorithm.

How can I contact the #gifted team?

Need to contact us? Visit or email us and send us a note.

Will you have paid collabs too?

We’re all about gifting (hence the catchy company name ;) ) but we will be allowing clients to licence your content through the #gifted platform soon. So you get paid for the use of your content - win/win!

What countries do you operate in?

#gifted is designed to be used world over.

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