All About Fair Gifting Exchange as an Influencer

Looking for the best way to pitch yourself to leading brands? Read on to discover how to offer fair compensation in the form of reviews, testimonials, and awesome social media content.

One of the many great features of #gifted is YOU get to decide what collaborations you take on.

You’re in control of which brands you approach and what you can offer in exchange for your reviews, content, and social clout. If you love the look of a product or service, get ‘waving’ and start building relationships.

While many influencers may be accustomed to receiving financial compensation to promote brands, #gifted unlocks opportunities to enjoy leading products and services from thousands of global brands - so there’s something to entice everyone.

But, when a brand is looking for influencers, how do you decide what you’ll offer in return?

It’s simple.

What you’re willing to offer a brand for their product or service can be figured out by answering a few key questions.

#1 - “Who is the brand and how aligned are they with my audience?”

Is this a brand that your audience already knows and would see as aspirational?

For example, collaborating with top-tier or well-known brands like Estee Lauder, Gucci, or Westfield adds positive reinforcement to your personal brand if you’ve built a following in the fashion space. Aligning with brands your audience is interested in feels authentic and great influencer partnerships are built on authenticity. If you’re truly excited to talk about a product or service and can genuinely promote it, that’s a sign you’re a good match for collaboration.

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#2 - “Is this gift something I would buy in real life?”

Would you normally be paying to get your hair done? Or buying dinner out at your favourite restaurant?

If products and services you use in your everyday life are available through a #gifted collaboration, then you’re a natural fit. Not only will your content reflect your emotional connection to the brand, but you’ll be saving you money too.


#3 - “What is the value of this product or service?”

Breaking down the cost of a gift can help you determine a fair exchange.

For example, is the cost of the gift high value? A holiday or hotel room, designer clothing, or expensive tech product are all high-value gifts, so the exchange you offer in terms of content and audience should be similar. The higher the value of the product, the more the brand can expect in your output. This could refer to your number of followers or the volume of content you create (posts, written reviews, blogs, etc).

#4 - “How much do I want this product or service?”

It’s easy to connect with top brands on #gifted, but just because you *could* wave at a brand doesn’t mean you *should*. Ask yourself, “Is this something I’d love love LOVE to try?”

If a gift is something you know you’d love and would jump at the chance to share with your audience, then factor that into your offer to the brand. For example, maybe you’re willing to offer more IG stories, or additional social media content because you’re a real-world advocate of a brand and want to help them grow.

#5 - “How long will it take me to create this content?”

Your gifting exchange should take into account the effort that goes into content creation.

Think of it like this, if you’re partnering with an activewear brand and you take a gym selfie most mornings in your activewear, then this content creation would be a quick and easy one for you. But, if you’re reviewing a product that’s going to take more time - maybe that involves writing a blog or creating video content that feels authentic and showcases the product in the right way - then you should factor that into your pitch to the brand.

Asking yourself these five questions prior to collaboration can help you land on a fair gifting exchange that leaves you and your new brand partner satisfied.

Congratulations! You’re ready to start pitching yourself to the world’s top brands on #gifted.

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