136 Influencers collabed to organically reach 500k+ people.
12x Reach
Increased reach organically
UGC assets
10 days
avg turn around time per collab

The #Gift

A Marc Jacobs Scent

The Industry

Beauty & Personal Care

The Influencers

  • Male + Females. 
  • 1k+ Followers 
  • Micro-influencers. 
  • Beauty & Fashion. 
  • Australia and NZ wide.

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The challenge

Marc Jacobs Fragrances aimed to promote their diverse range of scents, each designed for a specific demographic and embodying its own unique personality and values. To achieve this, they needed a substantial number of creators who closely matched the distinct essence of each fragrance.

A key component of their marketing strategy involved generating a large volume of high-quality user-generated content (UGC) from micro-influencers. However, the primary challenges they faced were identifying the right creators and managing the UGC production process, which proved to be both time-consuming and resource-intensive.

To address these challenges, Marc Jacobs Fragrances sought an all-in-one platform capable of finding and managing authentic creators aligned with their brand values. This solution aimed to streamline the UGC production process, ensuring efficient and effective promotion of their fragrances.

The solution

Marc Jacobs Fragrances utilized #gifted’s all-in-one platform to find and manage authentic creators who aligned with their brand values. This solution streamlined the UGC production process, ensuring efficient and effective promotion of their fragrances.

By segmenting their demographic targeting on the platform while focusing on creators with 1,000+ followers, they successfully matched with 30 influencers across their gifting campaigns. This approach resulted in the production of over 30 high-quality, organic UGC assets that resonated with the identity of their fragrances. Remarkably, this was achieved with a $0 spend on content creation, significantly reducing the time typically required for such processes.

The Results

Influencer applicants
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Combined followers
Influencers collabed
UGC assets

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