Grew brand awareness and a reach of 500k+ with micro-influencers
UGC assets
Activation rate
content views

The #Gift

Surface Starter Kit

The Industry

Cleaning & Homes

The Influencers

  • Female & Male
  • ANY followers
  • Homes & Sustainability
  • Aged 22 - 49 years

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The challenge

Koh needed an all-in-one tool to manage their influencer marketing campaigns. Their goals were clear: grow brand awareness, influence purchase decisions through social proof, and gather a substantial collection of UGC content showcasing their cleaning products in action. They aimed for content that was organic and personable, which they could redistribute across their own channels.

Their focus was on collaborating with micro-influencers across niche categories, who could dedicate more time to creating beautiful content. However, the process of recruiting influencers and ensuring timely posts proved to be time-consuming and challenging—an obstacle they couldn't afford.

Koh needed a fast, reliable stream of content. They sought a solution that would simplify the recruitment process and ensure prompt posting, allowing them to quickly generate the high-quality, authentic content they desired.

The solution

Koh utilized the #gifted platform to efficiently match influencers to their campaign, streamlining the process of selecting suitable collaborators. They targeted nano and micro-influencers by setting metrics to reach those with a following of over 3,000 on TikTok and Instagram and an engagement rate between 1% and 17%. These influencers were tasked with creating Instagram reels or photos for their feed, which could then be repurposed for organic channels and paid ads.

Communication with influencers through the platform allowed creators creative freedom while providing inspiration on how to effectively showcase the product. Suggestions included unboxing videos, cleaning tutorials, problem-solution-focused content, and ASMR cleaning. As a result, Koh received 25 UGC assets, which they used to drive up their ROI across their channels.

The Results

Influencer applicants
Activation rate
Combined followers
Influencers collabed
UGC assets

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