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Since late 2023, H&M has launched five #gifted campaigns, showcasing their dedication to collaboration and fresh talent. Known globally for their affordable, chic apparel, H&M's foray into the #gifted space reinforces their commitment to finding new faces. Focusing on their Australian audiences, #gifted creators have had selections of new collections across their female, male and kids ranges. Some gifts have been nationwide, while others have targeted specific Australian states.


Attracting hundreds of applicants, the global brand has reaped the rewards of tapping into each creators' unique approach to content.These initiatives have attracted hundreds of applications from influencers eager to collaborate with the global fashion giant. The campaigns have not only showcased H&M’s versatile and affordable fashion lines but have also demonstrated the brand's commitment to a diverse and inclusive representation of styles and bodies. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, enhancing H&M’s visibility and engagement across Instagram and TikTok. The power of #gifting reaffirms H&M's position as a leader in accessible fashion.


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