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Ella Bache's objective in utilizing #gifted was to introduce their brand to new audiences while spotlighting their latest product releases and innovative formulations. As a renowned Australian skincare label, they aimed to leverage the power of influencer collaborations to authentically showcase the efficacy and uniqueness of their new skincare solutions, ensuring they reach and resonate with a broader, more diverse consumer base.


The brand engaged with selected creators, sending out newly launched skincare sets in exchange for Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and product reviews. This strategic move generated a wave of social proof, showcasing the effectiveness and appeal of their new releases. Across several Australian States and Territories, Ella Bache matches with a diverse array of creators or all ages and ethnicities. The campaign successfully leveraged diverse content formats to highlight Ella Bache's commitment to skincare excellence, expanding their reach and reinforcing their market presence.


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