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Stanley House Studios, a seasoned PR agency renowned for its expertise in the hospitality sector, has once again showcased its innovative approach by #gifted a unique dining experience at Penelope's. This strategic move aimed to launch the new mediterranean venue situated in Sydney's iconic Circular Quay. Seeking content with a sophisticated blend of culinary delight and social engagement, in pursuit of elevating brand visibility and reputation.


By fostering relationships with creators from Penelope's onset, they have acquired content and return patrons for a brand new venue. For hospitality venues, in particular, word of mouth offline is just as beneficial as social proof online. With over 350 applicants, Stanley House Studios orchestrated a unique influencer campaign, gifting an exclusive dining experience at Penelope's Restaurant to select influencers. The dinner, designed to showcase Penelope’s culinary delights and Stanley House Studios’ knack for memorable experiences, resulted in an array of engaging content across Instagram and TikTok. The successful collaboration not only elevated Penelope's profile but also reinforced Stanley House Studios' reputation for strategic and engaging PR strategies.


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