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Marc Jacobs Fragrances, synonymous with luxury and femininity, launched #gifted campaign targeting creators whose values align with the brand's essence. They sought individuals skilled in generating high-quality user-generated content (UGC) or those with large, engaged followings for increased brand awareness. This strategic move aims to collaborate with influencers who embody and can authentically convey the sophistication and allure intrinsic to the Marc Jacobs brand.


Targeting female influencers and creators with over 5k following on instagram, Marc Jacobs Fragrances was able to reach their target audience through the #gifted in exchange for static posts, vertical video content and stories across Instagram and TikTok that captured the natural beauty of each creator, mirroring the unique expression of a flower. Matching with creators across Australian States and Territories drove extensive reach to new audiences across the country as well as reengaging customers of the brand through social proof.


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