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Claiming the title of 'Australia's most awarded mattresses', Koala pride themselves on making furniture in Australia at a level of quality that assures endurance while maintaining an accessible price point. Koala is one of the original brands to collaborate through #gifted in an effort to match talented contract creators with the craftsmanship of their products. With a brand ethos of ‘true homely comfort’, putting real Aussie faces to their brand was the essential aim in capturing authenticity that can only be felt “at home”.


This approach yielded exceptional results for Koala. Koala have received 2,800+ applications across their 24 #gifts. Working with 100s of creators through their #gifted collaborations so far Australia-wide, they showcased 20 transformative gifts, capturing the essence of their award-winning products' comfort, style, and ethical sourcing. Creators were eager to experience and thrived in capturing the Koala lifestyle firsthand. With content that reflects the brand's resonance and credibility, positioning Koala as the top choice for consumers seeking quality and sustainability in home furnishings.


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