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At JSHealth Vitamins, commitment to holistic well-being and beauty from within is encapsulated in every product, from supplements to skincare. This health and wellness initiative involved gifting selected influencers with products to promote well-being and balance. By matching with creators of diverse health journeys and backgrounds. Health and wellness is a highly personal and sensitive topic, connecting with real people yields content that honours this, their #gifted campaigns were composed to maintain the brand's reputation as a trusted leader in nutritional supplements and resonate with audiences nationwide.


JSHealth Vitamins’ #gifted campaign attracted over 300 applicants from various states across Australia. Leveraging #gifted, JSHealth has successfully broadened its community, connecting with hundreds of new, diverse creators across social platforms, enhancing the visibility and real-life testimonials of their health-boosting formulas. This approach underscores their dedication to authenticity and the tangible benefits of their vitamin-rich range, aimed at empowering a range of individuals in their personal and unique wellness journeys.  The engagement and reach exceeded benchmarks, acorss Instagram and TikTok. As a brand that is well-versed in influencer collaborations, they were able to centralise the extensive comms involved into the #gifted platform.


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