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With a wealth of experience in influencer collaborations, In The Roundhouse sought to expand its horizons and audience reach by tapping into the #gifted community. Their objective was to bridge connections with fresh, diverse creators on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, beyond their usual network. This initiative aimed at broadening their creative engagements, discovering new storytelling avenues, and enhancing brand visibility in unexplored segments of the digital sphere, reflecting their commitment to innovation and inclusivity in creator partnerships.


In the RoundHouse’s #gifted campaign captivated the culinary and lifestyle communities, receiving over 150 applications from eager creators. Selected influencers were treated to $350 worth of customizable tableware, choosing from a range of dinner plates, napkins, serving pieces, and bowls to best suit their aesthetic. This strategic move allowed over 40 creators across various platforms to showcase the brand’s unique blend of elegance and functionality. The result was a vibrant collection of content, reaching diverse audiences and solidifying In the RoundHouse as a trendsetter in the world of dining décor.


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