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To launch their new Limited-edition GHD Pink Collection, GHD sought influencers adept in hair styling, GRWM (get ready with me), or makeup content to showcase their latest styling wand's capabilities. Targeting influencers with over 20k followers from Australia & NZ, particularly those with a high female audience, GHD aimed to not only demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of their styling wand but also to embrace and empower a community passionate about beauty and self-expression.


GHD have collaborated with over 50 creators & influencers through #Gifted collaborations. Reaching a diverse demographic range, and across Australia on both Instagram and TikTok - the brand has created engaging UGC and showcased the diverse number of ways their heat safe stylers can be used. Audiences were able to marvel at the instant results of the products in action. Creators of all different hair types and colours were able to celebrate their satisfaction with GHD's product quality and appeal to audiences who resonated with creators who aligned with their hair care and styling needs.


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