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Since their launch in 1930, Dri Glo has been providing everyday luxury into every Australian home with their range of bed linen & towels. To showcase their products to a broad audience and build brand awareness, Dri Glo #gifted influencers and content creators a selection of products in exchange for authentic reviews. The brand's key objective is to solidify it's longstanding industry presence with new and younger Australian audiences.


A full set of bath towels or bed linen/sheet sets of choice at the value of $450 were #gifted to over 25 influencers. Every creator engaged with had established social profiles in the in the interiors, home and lifestyle space. Each creator was #gifted a range of products that best matched each creator's individual home style, resulting in authentic and aspirational content. Static and video posts across Instagram and TikTok yield extensive reach and modernised social proof for Dri-Glo, bringing in a new era of esteem for the brand.


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