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An Australian icon in the self-tanner and beauty industry, Bondi Sands leverages its heritage to craft innovative self-tanning, skincare, and suncare solutions. ​While Bondi Sands may be the new kid on the block at #gifted, they are veterans in the influencer gifting / UGC space. Streamlining their gifting process through gifted was an effort to save time and - as a brand always on the hunt for new faces - find a direct line to new and beautiful faces to bronze.


A newcomer to the #gifted platform, but popular from the get go! In 2024 alone, Bondi Sands has already received over 330 applications, matching with a diverse array of creators across Australia. This move has not only streamlined their influencer gifting process and communications but has also broadened their reach, connecting them with a wide range of new faces keen to showcase their signature bronzing products. The collaboration has highlighted the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusivity, reflecting Australia's rich tapestry of bronzed beauties.


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